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Mark Edwards completes his Charity Ultra Marathon

After a huge effort and months of dedicated training Mark Edwards, CNS Technical DirectoMark Edwards completes Ultra Marathonr has completed his 51 mile Ultra Marathon in an extremely impressive 39th position out of 131 runners.

The ultra marathon started in Brecon at 8am on Sunday morning and followed the taff trail over a staggering 51 mile course, ending in Sophia Gardens, Cardiff just over 9 hours later.

"I felt really pleased with my preparation for the race but having never run for that distance previously in one go, I was nervous about how my body would cope particularly once the temperature started increasing," commented Mark.

"There were some particularly well prepared runners at the start who you could tell had certainly does this before," he continued, "however I am really pleased with my position and have got the bug to do it all again next year." 

Mark decided to use this unique event to raise money for Llamau, a South Wales based charity that provides life changing support to vulnerable people.

"The support that I have received from Llamau, our customers, suppliers, friends and family has been enormous and I am delighted to be able to contribute to the fantastic work that Llamau carry out day in and day out." 

Mark has written a report of his experiences whilst training, running the race and what the future holds so for a snapshot into the world of an ultra runner please click here  

To find out more about Mark's running experiences, follow him on Twitter @markmedwards

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