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Company bosses 'lack cyber-attack training'
21 Aug Cyber Security

Government calls on Britain’s biggest businesses to do more on cyber security

How hackers are targeting the shipping industry
18 Aug Cyber Security

Breaking into a shipping firm's computer systems could allow attackers to access all kinds of sensitive data.

ICO Slams GDPR “Scaremongering”!
10 Aug Company News

GDPR – sorting the fact from the fiction: ICO Slams GDPR “Scaremongering”!

Customers 'furious' with TNT after cyber-attack meltdown
09 Aug Cyber Security

The Courier TNT is still struggling to return operations to normal more than a month after the NotPetya attack 

Firms face £17m fine if they fail to protect against hackers
08 Aug Cyber Security

Firms could face fines of up to £17m or 4% of global turnover if they fail to protect themselves from cyber-attacks

UK data protection laws to be overhauled.
07 Aug Cyber Security

Britons could obtain more control over what happens to personal information under proposals outlined by the government.

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