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  • Routers and Routing Solutions

    The network router is quickly evolving from a device dedicated to connecting disparate networks to an integrated services device capable of multiple functions beyond routing. Cisco customers are increasingly deploying integrated services routers, or sophisticated network routers that can deliver voice, video, data and Internet access, wireless, and other applications.                                                                              Cisco Router Product Advisor

  • Switching

    Local-area network (LAN) switches are at the core of all networks, providing high-speed connectivity, applications, and communications systems. Today's networks not only need to efficiently and securely transmit bandwidth-intensive data, voice, video, and wireless applications, they also need to provide for evolving traffic patterns, new services, and optimized application performance.                                            Cisco Switch Product Advisor

  • Network Security

    Build Your Self-Defending Network
    Holistic security combines best-of-breed security in a systems approach to solve business-relevant security problems. Create a powerful response to emerging threats.
                                                                                    Read Cisco 2013 Annual Security Report                                                                                                  View Cisco Security Products

  • Wireless and BYOD

    Mobility connects your partners, customers, employees and assets anywhere, anytime to improve convenience, enhance customer responsiveness, and increase competitive advantage.                                                                         Cisco Wireless Product Advisor

  • Data Centre Solutions

    Data centre solutions help you address near-term challenges such as availability, power consumption, security, and compliance, while building a network for the future.

  • Voice and Unified Communications

    Cisco Unified Communications Solutions unify voice, video, data, and mobile applications on fixed and mobile networks, delivering a media-rich collaboration experience across business, government agency, and institutional workspaces.             Compare Products

  • Small and Medium Business Solutions 

    Cisco offers an extensive range of affordable products bringing enterprise features and performance at a small business price. Products include Routers and Switches, Security and Surveillance, Voice and Conferencing, Wireless and Network Storage.  Compare Solutions

  • Barracuda Networks Solutions

    CNS is a Barracuda Networks Partner bringing an extensive range of enterprise security solutions including: Spam Firewalls, Website Firewalls, SSL VPN Firewalls, Load Balancing, Link Balancing, IM Firewalls and Message Archiving Solutions             Compare Solutions 


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