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A day in the life of the CNS Operations Centre

The operations centre at Capital Network Solutions is the hub of what we do, providing managed services, support and consultancy to a varied client base, ranging from small companies, to larger multi-site organisations with hundreds of users.

Every day is different and the opportunity to work with different clients, solutions and problems is something our engineers thrive on. The operations center is a dynamic and ever changing environment, and although you can never fully plan for what the day will bring, systems, tools and process put in place help us to deliver top notch support to our client base, no matter what the situation, all driven by our experienced and qualified staff.

Like anything else in life, the best approach to tackling a problem is by having a plan, using the right tools and having the required skill. When dealing with multiple problems across a large user base this is never more important, so although the problems logged and the customers we assist will differ on any given day our approach to the successful resolution of these incidents, remain the same.

A day on our service desk would look something like this.

The morning starts by checking the monitoring software, verifying the status of all of our managed client’s servers, and networking devices. Alerts from these are automatically generated to the relevant team, but our service desk familiarise themselves with any issues, ready to deal with incoming calls and queries from customers.

New tickets are triaged, prioritised and allocated ready for resolution. Existing tickets are reviewed and re-prioritised and escalated if needed.

“We are the first contact for our clients, sharing a responsibility to provide the best possible customer support and technical troubleshooting.  It’s this combination of both customer interaction and problem solving, that make the role very rewarding with two days never being the same.”

It’s time to put the kettle on and while it boils customer backups are checked, drat a failure, so a ticket is raised with our infrastructure team to investigate.

The office is starting to fill up now, and things are getting busier, calls are starting to come in either by phone, email or via our client portal. Users unable to print, password resets or general assistance with applications are quite common, and there is a general hum of activity around the place.

Calls are being placed to customer end users, further information gathered and remote sessions established. At the side of the room, the network team loads up a trolley full of routers and switches, off to do another network refresh.

Finally, Lunchtime, and things start to ease off, while some people disappear to the onsite gym, others head to the café or are pulled by the lure of the local McDonalds for a thick shake.

“Being a Service desk engineer really has its perks when it comes to learning different types of system environments, every company has a different way of setting up their computers to their servers. We learn a new way of troubleshooting and expand our expertise daily, we are constantly challenged. When we need assistance you can always count on a member of the team to give you hand and point you in the right direction. The days never get boring working on the helpdesk.” Brandon

As the lunchbreak comes to an end it is time to review the ticket queues again, re-allocating work and escalating as needed, always with an eye on the SLA’s.

One engineer heads off to a meeting with our Cyber Security team to continue his learning and development, another Cyber Essentials assessor in the making, and with the upcoming implementation of GPDR this can only be a good thing.

As the afternoon progresses and the day draws to a close tickets continue to be raised and worked, at a steady rate, and across the service desk, the sound engineers happily bringing calls to a successful resolution.

Tomorrow a whole different day, who knows what’s in store…..

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CNS Operations CentreCNS Operations CentreCNS Operations Centre

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