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Welsh Government Responsible Small Business of the Year 2017 Award Winners - Re-accredited for 2018

Capital Network Solutions is a values-led cybersecurity and network business with a customer base in South Wales and across the UK. It promotes as well as embraces the solution it sells and puts making the right choice at the heart of its decision making.

We were very proud to be shortlisted in the 2016 Business in the Community Responsible Business Awards and are absolutely delighted to have been announced as the winners in the 2017 Awards. With our ongoing emphasis on Responsible Business Practices and commitment to continual improvement, we are very proud to have been re-accredited for 2018.

Welsh Government Responsible Small Business of the Year 2017

Good for business

  • Employee retention – reflecting the company’s values to develop staff, all colleagues now have a progression and training programme and retention rates are at an all-time high of 95%
  • Revenue growth – by committing to provide a service (Cyber Essentials Certification) to charity customers at a loss, the product has now been spun out into a revenue making exercise for the company (topping £60,000 in 16/17)
  • Employee absence – with a realignment of the employee recognition scheme and better flexible working arrangements, employee absence rates have been halved (2012 to 2016)

Good for society

  • Supporting charities – the loss-leader product (Cyber Essentials Certification) has ensured that all charity customers have passed the cyber security tests and one has even gone on to be able to secure funding for a further 5 years as a result
  • Managing the impact – measures have been put in place to actively measure and over time, reduce, the company’s environmental impacts through virtualisation and system hibernation
  • Working with communities – Capital Networks are successfully passing on their skills to community beneficiaries by working with 26 vulnerable people at Llamau, helping them to be digitally literate in the future


Top responsible business tips from Capital Network Solutions

Capital Network Solutions (CNS) believes being a responsible business doesn’t mean following a ‘top down’ or ‘bottom up’ model, it’s an all-encompassing ethos which the firm has put at the heart of everything it does.

The company values were identified and agreed by all employees four years ago and these are now embedded into how CNS does business with employees, customers and suppliers.

Flexible working allows staff to work from home or at unconventional times. This flexibility has been shown to improve staff retention and efficiency.

In October 2014, the UK Government endorsed new Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus Certifications, for organisations to protect themselves against cybercrime. CNS was one of the first companies within the UK to become a certification body. It is estimated charities lose £1.65 Billion per year through cyber fraud and the CNS Board made the strategic decision to offer the Cyber Essentials Plus certification to charity customers as a loss leader.

All of the firm’s charity customers accepted the offer and 100% achieved the Cyber Essentials Plus Certification, which shows a business owner has been trained in dealing with cyber-attacks.

 “I was delighted to give my support to our bid to be recognised as a Responsible Small Business. Through the continual efforts of my team and our positive approach, it is rewarding to see how our actions have made such a difference to the lives of others. From volunteering, being involved in charity events and thinking more about how our actions and behaviours affect others has not only helped to increase our profile as a business, but I have seen my staff gain so much satisfaction and have developed both personally and professionally as a result of thinking differently.”

Sarah Edwards, Managing Director, Capital Network Solutions







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