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With more than 5 million records stolen worldwide every day, according to the data breach statistics of BreachLevelIndex.com, and three times more incidents than four years ago, breach protection and incident response have become topics of prime importance.

The ability to prevent incidents from happening in the first place, and to effectively respond to incidents if they should happen, is critical to every organisation.

If you’re in business, your security is under attack. Successful attacks result in huge monetary losses, lost intellectual property, compromised customer information and confidence, and lower corporate valuations.


The approaching European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline adds urgency. On 25th May, 2018, the new data and privacy protection regulation came into force. It applies to all organisations that do business in the EU, even if the business entity is located in a Non-EU country.


GDPR compliance requires “appropriate security” and “due diligence” to protect personal information from data breaches. GDPR urges companies to have a strong data protection programme to address in stringent timeframe attacks, incidents, and leakage of personal information. Organisations will have 72 hours to report breaches.


  • Did you know that Organisations take, on average, 191 days to detect a breach and 66 days to contain it? (Ponemon Institute, Cost of Data Breach Study, 2017)


  • Did you know that according to IDC, endpoints are the primary point of entry for attacks, with an estimated 70% of breaches starting on endpoint devices? (IDC: Effective Incident Detection and Investigation Saves Money, 2016).

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Breach Readiness Services

Are you prepared for your breach?

191 days to detect a breach and 66 days to contain it

Breach Readiness Services

"Any breach of security or loss of integrity that has a significant impact on a trust service provided or on the personal data maintained therein is critical to GDPR so businesses need to ensure that they have the systems, procedures and policies in place to be able to detect, contain and report when a breach occurs"

Mark Edwards
Director of Cyber Security Services, CNS
191 days
Average time to detect a breach
66 days
Average time to contain a breach
Of breaches originate on an endpoint device
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