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RANSOMWARE is fast becoming the biggest cyber threat, with 2016 being dubbed the year of ransomware and 2017 set to have even higher levels of attacks. This raises the question about Phishing awareness, which is still a highly used vector of attack, with highly complex attack tricking users into clicking links, opening attachments and even divulging their user credentials.
According to SophosLabs between Oct 2016 and Apr 2017; Cerber and Lick accounted for 75% of Ransomware activity with email attachments the most prevalent attack vector!

According to a report by Kaspersky labs, in 2016 their anti-phish software picked nearly 155 million phishing emails with 47% aimed at the financial market such as banking and paypal. And “In Q1 2017, the percentage of spam in email traffic amounted to 55.9%”1

“In the first quarter of 2017, the Anti-Phishing system was triggered 51,321,809 times on the computers of Kaspersky Lab users.” KasperskyLabs 2017.
According to a blog for Barkly, PhishMe reported that over 97% of the phishing emails they collected in the latter part of 2016 contained a form of ransomware.
Kaspersky also reported that criminals had used phishing attacks to access over 100 banks from 30 different countries in recent years. This trend is constantly going up rather than down and the complexity of the phishing attacks are getting so good that it can be difficult to spot a fake from a legitimate email without looking very closely.

Why choose CNS Phish Threat campaigns? Unlike much of the competition, now that “”cyber” is in vogue” CNS insist on using only experienced staff, qualified in a range of areas, including academic degrees in digital forensics, computer security and professional qualifications such as GCHQ CESG Senior Auditor, SIRA, ITSO, QSTM, CISSP, CCIE and CCNP.  CNS is the only Cisco Premier partner in Wales and have now partnered with global anti-malware software giant Sophos to bring you this service.   Backed with over 20 years of experience in secure networks, we subscribe to the relevant information assurance ethical codes, and are careful only to partner with the established industry leaders so our customers are in safe hands when they supply us with their email addresses, or click our links.

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 Why you should attend

  • Our presentation will be short and straight to the point to demonstrate the range of complexity available in the campaigns.
  • We will demonstrate some of the training materials available through our Partnership with Sophos.
  • We will demonstrate how quickly an infection can start from a phishing email.
  • We will give an overview of Cisco Umbrella and how it should be employed as a second line of defence in case of an infection. Blocks connection to known command and control servers amongst others.
  • This service could help show that your company is proactively trying to protect data and could help with GDPR as a sign of due diligence.
  • We have the opportunity to have breakfast with you and chat about your cyber security concerns.
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