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Cyber security threats are continually evolving, and they always seem to follow the same pattern. If a new type of risk turns out to be particularly effective or lucrative, numerous cyber criminals will replicate the malware, creating a global trend.

Security software needs to adapt to the emerging threats to provide users with robust protection. This is the main reason innovative security technologies have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. The increased spending on security software across the globe is a reflection of this increase in popularity, with experts predicting as much as 8.7% compound annual growth rate by 2020.

Organisations across all industries are investing in IT security as a way to defend their business against threats. Manufacturing, banking and government units are on the top of the list of cyber security investors. 

In this article, we offer our expert opinion on some of 2018’s best cybersecurity software innovations. We review how different revolutionary cybersecurity software tackles trending cyber threats, focusing on how each of the cybersecurity tools works and where it fits into your IT security architecture.

Here are our top five picks for 2018:

For network protection: BluVector

BluVector is an AI-driven security software which gives your machines the power to protect themselves against cyber threats by enabling machine learning that gets progressively smarter.

The cyber security software starts protecting your network almost immediately, performing a mixture of advanced threat detection, response and hunting at high speeds. Meanwhile, the deep machine learning capabilities of the software help BluVector study the complexities of your networks, so it can adapt its detection engines and algorithms to your IT ecosystem.

Instead of fighting cyber threats behind closed doors, the system allows you to follow each step of the process so you can see for yourself the reasoning behind each action or recommendation.

Against phishing: Cofense Triage

Cofense Triage protects your network through next-generation phishing analysis. Once you deploy the virtual tool on your network, it integrates with your in-house email service and helps detect malicious content.

With a push of a button your employees can report any suspicious emails that they identify as phishing, both from their desktops and from mobile clients. Triage will then analyse the threat report and determine whether it is indeed a phishing campaign.

Triage is already one of the most advanced types of anti-phishing software and it’s continually being developed.

For compliance: InSpec

InSpec is an open source platform designed to help businesses audit and test their IT infrastructure. It’s tailored to tackle compliance by focusing on the rules and legal guidelines specific to your organisation.

The security software compares your systems against regulatory guidelines and flags any threats or violations it detects. InSpec then helps you remedy gaps in your cybersecurity, thus making sure that your IT network is protected as outlined by the relevant compliance rules. 

Against Cloud attacks: Threat Stack 

Threat Stack protects any business data and applications you store on the Cloud by detecting cyber threats and malicious activity. What makes Threat Stack unique is the software’s ability to scan for malware without disrupting any business functions transpiring on the Cloud.

Designed to exclusively detect suspicious activity, the monitoring tool will alert system admins of any threats it detects instead of taking action to block the malware. Although this may seem counterintuitive at first glance, the Threat Stack cybersecurity method is preferred by businesses whose Cloud operations (e.g. ecommerce transactions) turn around millions in a short period of time and therefore require constant uptime.

Through the eyes of a hacker: RiskIQ Digital Footprint 

RiskIQ Digital Footprint is a security program which operates in the same way as a cyber-criminal would, scanning your network for vulnerabilities from outside your digital defences. 

With no set-up required, this cybersecurity tool can scan any size network and report back on any potential weaknesses that hackers might exploit. This includes a wealth of recommendations on keeping your OS up to date, patching devices on your business network and the state of your servers.

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19 Dec Cyber Security
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