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Cyber-attacks are currently one of the biggest threats to businesses, and with malware constantly evolving, the lifespan of your cyber security strategy grows ever-shorter. Since GDPR came into effect, keeping your network and data secure is more important than ever, so you should start the year off by ensuring your organisation’s cyber security standards are up to date.

Defensive measures that might have worked last year, or even last month, can easily be powerless against new threats. Companies need a flexible, responsive cyber security strategy that is regularly reviewed and updated. An external consultancy will help your evaluate the vulnerabilities of your business and strengthen your cyber defences.

Still not convinced about renewing your cyber security strategy? Read on:

What is a cyber security strategy and why you want to have one

Simply put, cyber security is your first line of defence against cyber-attacks. In your strategy, you outline the steps your business is taking to protect its network against a range of viruses, ransomware and malware. A strong cyber security strategy would be flexible and proactive, so it can prevent data breaches as well as defend your systems against new threats. 

Not something to be created once and then left on the shelf, your cyber security strategy is a living, breathing thing that needs continuous nurturing. In addition to setting up firewalls and antivirus programs from the offset, your organisation will need to stay on top of the most current cyber security measures and be up-to-date on cyber-attack trends.

If you work in the IT department of the company, chances are you don’t need convincing of the usefulness of a cyber security strategy. However, for it to be really efficient, your cyber security measures need buy-in from senior management. After all, they are the ones who finance and oversee the implementation of the strategy across all systems as well as ensure that all staff receive proper training.

So how do you convince them of the benefits of a strong cyber security strategy? By highlighting the ways it will benefit the business.

How a cyber security strategy adds value to your organisation

C-suite executives should be paying close attention to cybersecurity now more than ever, in light of governments, companies and entire industries falling victim to malware and security breaches, all while GDPR officials monitor the digital landscape for noncompliance.

In addition to the direct inconvenience of downtime and data loss in the aftermath of a cyber-attack, businesses who experience security breaches also face wider consequences such as financial losses and damage to their bran reputation.

So really, in addition to protecting your systems and your business data, a proactive cyber security strategy helps safeguard the bottom line of your company – after all, brand loyalty is largely based on trust. What’s more, being able to showcase the steps you’re taking towards securing your network and complying with privacy regulation would gain more support from your stakeholders and business partners.

Cyber security strategy consulting

Having a cyber security strategy that is responsive, adaptive and developed with your business needs in mind (size, industry, IT infrastructure, security issues, budget, etc) is key to protecting your assets, including the trust of stakeholders and your brand reputation.

It’s no longer enough to invest in state of the art technical solutions. As more and more operational processes are linked to the cyber infrastructure of a business, protecting your company from cyber-attacks requires a more integrated approach to cyber security.

In addition to the technical aspects of you cyber defences, an effective cyber security strategy also looks at organisational aspects such as providing cyber security training to team members and proactively monitoring cyber-crime trends.

Business leaders shouldn’t wait until they are faced with a cyber-attack to consider implementing a cyber security strategy. Instead, start putting one together now, tailoring it to the specific risks your organisation is facing. At the end of the day, a good cyber security adds value to your business by proactively safeguarding your systems and sensitive data, rather than simply being a cost of doing business.

The industry has grown, and so has the number of tailored and bespoke services available. CNS offers bespoke and customised approach to IT security for small to large businesses.

Get in touch with our cyber security experts to discuss creating a custom cyber security strategy based on the needs of your organisation.

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